Arben Golemi - Aleteration
June 2 - 23, 2017

From 2-23 June 2017, the National Gallery of Arts presents to its public "Alteration", the exhibition of painter Arben Golemi.
At the start of the tourist season, this personal exhibition at the National Gallery brings the author's work over the years 2005-2017. Curator of the exhibition Mr. Ylli Drishti, has selected about 67 works in mixed technique, giving the public a panorama of Golemi's creative journey over these years.
According to the curatorial concept the exhibition contains four main cycles; Berat, New York, Baroque and Forest. These painting cycles consist of unique tableaus that do not fall into repetition, but instead bring us a compositional variety and an unexpected coloristic intensity.
This is the author’s fourth personal exhibition at the National Gallery, but this selection of works, especially evokes the artist's maturity, through an explosive decorative palette and an “unique artistic code".

Arben Golemi is one of the important painters of the Albanian modern art. With his creativity Golemi has been an influence to the artistic circles of his native city, thus emboding the image of the modern painter, in search of new figurations and artistic expressions. His paintings changed the existing artistic mentality of the predominant realistic art, as Golemi became one of the main protagonists of what can be called "the modern Albanian painting of the late twentieth century". After the 1990s, his work was introduced in many international events, personal and collective exhibitions. "Alteration" will be exhibited in the main exhibition hall at the National Gallery.

The media conference will be held on 2 June 2017 at 11.00.
The inauguration of the exhibition will be at 19.00 o'clock in the afternoon.