Julius Eb - Generation A
Apri1 26 - May 25, 2017

The National Gallery of Arts has the pleasure to present the exhibition of the German photographer Julius Eb.
The photo project “Generation A” reflects Julius Eb’s perception of identity and values, the beauty but also the difficult side of the transformation.
Eb indicates the trajectory of change and the transition of Albanian society over a period of nearly 30 years, focusing almost exclusively on that generation, titled by Eb himself as "Generation A", a generation that hardly knew the communist dictatorship in Albania, after its collapse in 1990.

The Pyramid – formerly a monumental tribute to Enver Hoxha and his socialist regime has crumbled into a shattered “playground” for the Pyramid Runners.
The new monuments, representing the new society, are equally prominent: luxurious cars, fancy fashion, endless blocks of concrete housing, telling endless stories of transition. To reduce the change to those easily visible objects would be superficial.

EB considers the fate of the individual in our modern days in a confrontation with his past. What defines this Generation A? What are the values has this new society? How do women fare in this transition of society?

A generation whose memories of the dictatorship will be more and more limited to accounts of parents, grand parents and history books.

As a searching traveler, Julius Eb is always on the move, transforming into a digital archaeologist of the present.
The contemporary photography offers a challenging contrast to the art of the Social Realism. Eb’s photography is all manipulated, and through this digital transformation the photographic backgrounds change into monochrome painted tiles, where the human habitat leaves barely visible signs and the content of the work almost completely detaches from its shape.​
Iris Luarasi, Artan Shabani​

The exhibition opens on wednesday, 26 April, at 19.00

The press conference will be held 26 April, at 11.00