Zinni Veshi - Beyond the Figurative
Apri1 14 - May 17, 2017

Man Finishing his Supper, 2016, Polymer emulsion on canvas, 132 x 132 cm

On Friday, april the 14-th, 2017, at 18.00 hours, The National Gallery of Arts has the pleasure to invite you to the opening ceremony of Zinni Veshi's exhibition "BEYOND THE FIGURATIVE", curated by Krenar Zejno.

“Beyond the Figurative” there is no need for a concept that designs and produces exhibitions. It will be the painting itself that will expose the concept. Figures that inhabit paintings will follow their journey, being at the same time their own guide to the destination. But really, where do they come from, and where do these beings go, that carry the night along with them, their drowsiness, and who knows, their dreams, illusions, prejudices, monotony, lamentations, and screams? Certainly, from the contemporary art point of view, they will go toward their destination: beyond the figurative, or rather, toward a pictorial disfiguration. Zinni Veshi, is the painter of the human figure. Every painting here is an exhibition of portraits. Pushing the portraits and their bodies towards a painterly disfiguration - toward the faceless face. It is like an underground train, with ubiquitous profiles, across no fixed stations. New York, the city where the author lives and where his painting coagulates, is like a coincidence station, but typical enough to give the urban charge to his art. While the stylistic address is more accurate, strictlyguiding us towards an integral essence; remaining true to himself and without falling into eclecticism. The centrifugal force, compressed under tension and energy, will force every single fragment of the picture to recreate itself as a whole. Mastery is required to reach this level: to develop your work from one layer to the next one, and so on; charging the work so much with feelings and substance, that it can be noticed even from the onlooker. This is a synthetic painting, drawn directly with colors, which give power and substance to the pictorial language. This is the essence of this painting and to achive it, an extraordinary amount of work is needed.

The press conference will take place on Friday, april the 14-th, 2017, at 11.00 hours​